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About the game

Pirates of the Arrland is an arcade game that’s easy to play, but hard to master! Try yourself in a unique narrative-driven campaign. Take on quests to hunt for hidden treasures and face the danger in multiple arenas. Become a hero and unlock powerful powerups with your hard-earned rewards.

Soon, we’re going to release the playable version of the game in Adventure Mode, so every Pirate holder will be able to play it for FREE.


Your mission is to collect special items in a limited time. Test your reflex and intelligence in a challenging environment. Monsters - on the surface and under the water, volcanos, and tsunami? Arrghh, the difficulty grows at each level!

Decide how to approach the upcoming round by using the best Pirate. Upgrade your skills, buy useful inventory, and obtain the necessary supplies. Your private island will need them too! How would you arrange it?

Arenas & Game Modes

Dozens of levels to play! Move to the exotic jungle, old castle, or a lonely volcano island. Each with different features and riddles, to find the wealthy missing treasures.
  • Adventure Mode - narrative-driven campaign with unique arenas. You surely won’t be lack of fun!
  • Play2Earn - compete with others and become the most famous Arrlander! Find unique items, use them, sell or buy if needed.
  • Private Island - build and expand your Pirate’s home. Grow your plants and multiply resources. Breed young pirates, so more Arrlanders are welcome to play the game.
More information about the future plans in our roadmap and in the upcoming announcements. Feel welcomed on our Discord and Social Media.

Developing Adventure

At the moment, we have implemented a playable game mechanic that needs to be scaled up to more levels and connected to the Blockchain system. Soon we will startan intensive internal testing phase, and later, the selected group will run external testing of the game. The next steps are releasing the game for our NFT Pirates holder in Adventure Mode and a game demo for the bigger audience – to encourage more people to dive into the world of Arrland.