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Pirates of Arrland is the world’s first game to combine multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) competition with economic and strategy game. It is set in a pirate world and its additional advantage is the possibility to create the space surrounding the player.

The project features deep gameplay and good quality graphics, and thanks to blockchain technology, it allows the player to own characters, items, ships, and lands obtained in the game. In this way, players participate in the continuous development of the Pirates of the Arrland’s Metaverse.

Players with different preferences can meet with each other, form alliances, influence each other and trade. The value of tradable items is determined by the common rules of the ecosystem, and the price is regulated by supply and demand.

Diverse types of gameplays, providing a great deal of enjoyment shown to the players in an attractive environment created on the basis of the Unity 2021 HDRP engine in one ecosystem, solve the problem of the lack of players at the current stage of the crypto gaming industry development. In addition, many of the features present in the game are aimed at traditional players, which will multiply the effect of scale.

The Pirates of the Arrland game is a 3D game set in the authorial world of Pirates of the Arrland.

During gameplay, the player assigns tasks to his subordinates, or plays the role of a chosen character and controls them as their avatar. This allows them to roam the fantastic world of Arrland, developing and enriching their hero, as well as their treasury, assigned to a given wallet address. Importantly, all the most essential elements
present in the game such as the pirate, ship, lands, and items, are NFT tokens located on the player’s wallet. Thus, it is the player who has full rights to them and can sell or lend them to other players.

Depending on the selected gameplay type, the world of Arrland is presented through different types of cameras. The player can observe the environment from a first-person perspective (FPP), third-person perspective (TPP), from above (top-down view), or with a free camera.

The transition to the battle arena is made through a magical portal located on the home island. The player can set up a new game or join an existing one. Competition with other players can take place on maps of different sizes – determining the minimum and maximum number of players required for the game. The maps differ in terrain, as well as interactive elements of the environment, strongly influencing the course of the game.



The Pirates of the Arrland project is developed by a team of individuals with experience in the computer game development, IT projects and blockchain industry. The main members of the team, have a track record of released games on Steam, successful cryptocurrency projects and participation in a wide variety of global online projects.

Marcin Bednarski

Co-CEO, Head of studio

Game producer, with more than 10 years of experience in the computer game development industry as producer, CTO and CEO. Games developed under his supervision have achieved high user ratings and sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Dominik Szopa


Developer with more than 10 years of experience. Working for companies in the US and Switzerland, he participated in the development of global projects. On the cryptocurrency market since 2017.

Norbert Paszkowski

COO, Marketing lead

Entrepreneur since 2004, specialist in sales, logistics, gamification and branding. Computer scientist focused on algorithms and information systems. Developer of blockchain-based games since 2021. On financial markets since 2006.

Przemek Bliźniak

Lead frontend developer

Senior frontend developer with 6 years of commercial experience. Aspiring blockchain technology adept, fan of tradable card games.

    Mateusz     Balas

2D artist

Responsible for the design of Arrland UI, website, and more. True 2D Art Master.

Bartosz Wieczorek

3D artist

Must have through the whole journey, has a lot of experience in SFX and makes sure that all Arrlanders are in a good mood.​

Kamil Rogowski

C# Developer

Compared to “hero”, jack of all trades. Can handle most situations as a talented Game Developer.

Remigiusz Drobiński

Unity Developer

Capable programmer, responsible for equipment assignment, inventory, opening treasure chests, traps, and other mechanics.

and a dozen other team members.